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Friday, April 19, 2013

Gay Men Love and Relationship Dating Tips - What Are You Looking For In A Man?

 What Are You Looking For In A Man?

Justin is here to help you avoid giving the wrong answers when you’re asked “what are you looking for in a man”.  This might even help you into a self-discovery and being practical about having to maintain a relationship with a man.

So the question is right on you. What are you looking for in a man?

Justin gathered some answers and distinguished them what’s hot and what’s not. So let’s begin with what’s not.

What’s Not:
  1. Loyal Man
  2. Faithful Man
  3. Honest Man
  4. Smart Man
Idealistically, it’s really better if we can find a man who’s loyal, faithful, honest, and smart at the same time. But you can hardly find anybody today who possesses those qualities. Well, there could be few ones left though in some remotely conservative community where people still respect and uphold moral or religious values. But it’s really not the case, its urban legend nowadays. There are a lot of options and selections to choice from. The advantage of hooking up or dating multiple partners is that you will tend to discover what qualities of a person you would really want to be with when settling down. Just make sure that you set expectations and draw the line of what the relationship is all about. In this way you won’t hurt someone’s feelings.

What’s Hot:
  1. Dishonest
  2. Stupid
  3. Sex Addict
  4. Mindless Sex Toy
  5. Cheater
  6. Playful
  7. More Serious
  8. Hideous
  9. Dumb
Not expecting too much from a partner in a relationship is one great way of enjoying your bachelor life and avoiding stress as a matter of fact. It’s like you don’t own each other’s life and if you want to find someone else then you both can just move on in separate ways.

You can even login to a gay dating survey like or You can just pretend that you’re signing up and answer all the questions. This might even help you realize what you are looking for. You may even ask very difficult rhetorical questions just to funnel down your candidates and ultimately found your significant other.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Anal Douching | Colt Anal Douche Product Review – Keeping The Inner Sanctum Pristine

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Anal Douching is subject that not everyone is comfortable of talking about. Today, Justin reviews the Colt Anal Douche. This is like a step above than the rest of its kind available online. The package comes with a choice of 2 comfy and easy to use anal douche that will bring you years of pristine anal hygiene.

Colt Anal Douche

The Colt Anal Douche makes cleaning super simple. All you have to do is to separate the bulb from the nozzle and clean it with soap and water. Then you just stick both pieces up just right before you use this Anal Douching Device. You can easily fill this anal enema with water by just using the pressure from the suction bulb then you just plug it in to your manhole.

The larger rounded ribbed attachable nozzle will even make anal douching really easy, enabling this best gay anal douche sprinkle water inside your man case in a 360⁰ direction.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sexting for Gays: How To Flirt Online and Get A Hook Up Date

Doodle on the Panini Game

If you are tired and bored in playing the usual stuff with sexting then here’s an alternative exciting mobile game for you. It’s a game called “Doodle on the Panini”. This game gives you the chance to show your creativity by drawing your guy’s penis. Doodle on the Panini offers you more fun than sexting for sure. In this video, Justin will show you some samples of photos and pictures that you might want to test out playing Doodle on the Panini.

So here’s how it goes. Let’s assume that you have just met someone new via sexting then he just sent you some pictures, instead of just replying by text or MMS you can be creative about it by using some drawing apps in your high-end mobile device like a tablet mobile pc or an iPad. Of course, you can’t be that too detailed when you draw something out. You can try to leave a little something to the imagination and be sexy about it. Say, you draw a cow boy out of someone’s dick, a doctor, or even an astronaut. You can also try drawing something that reflects your mood for that particular day. Main important thing is that you are able to convey our message in a more artistic way. You can call Doodle on the Panini with any other game name like penis drawing, penis in a sandwich, lasagna, or whatever you may like as long as you have fun with it.

But what exactly do you want to get out from this game then? Bottom line is that you might end up flirting with some guy of your type. In this way, you can leave hints in your drawing that will kind of deliver the message that you want get a date or want to hook up.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Gay Guide To Blowjob, Deepthroat, Oral sex, and Giving Head

How to Give The Best Blowjob Ever To Your Gay Boyfriend

It’s like you face the moment of truth when you are confronted with a man’s cock upright. Sometimes you might look a little intimidated when you’re actually staring at someone’s penis. But don’t worry you can get through it anyways. And if you haven’t tried it before or perhaps you may have tried it once but not really an expert in this field then here are some awesome tips just right for you.

First, you might want start slowly by teasing the head, licking here and there, going through the shaft, the frenulum, and even tickling those hairy balls. Second, if you want to give him the most pleasurable blowjob then be cautious enough not to let him sense your teeth. You might want to retract them or play like you’re an elderly person without any teeth swallowing a hotdog. The idea is to give your man the best pleasure with lesser effort. You might not look like a porn star giving head or deep throating. Third, use your tongue like you’re saying your favorite tongue twister.  And lastly, you don’t want to scare away your guy by producing some kind of weird choking noise. So you better get some practice first.

Black 9" Super Dong
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